Boston based and investor funded, ZepInvest started in 2008, emerged from stealth mode with web-based financial newsletters for private investors, owned by ZepFrog Corp. provides a patented digital media platform, monetizing premium content for publishers. ZepFrog Corp and its service ZepInvest has a new patent-pending paid content business model for the Internet, aggregates formerly separate/siloed paid investment content and research into ONE subscription, with ONE login, ONE affordable payment and ONE-of-a-kind Search within the bundle.

ZepInvest was started as the new direction in financial information and investment research for active investors. All the existing subscribers will find full access and ability to search a wide range of top subscriptions within a single powerful service. Financial content partners will find a dynamic marketplace and new revenue stream. Financial portals will find a plug and play revenue-producing premium content service to offer their audience.

The ZepInvest ideas rely on bundling different investment ideas which always have been helpful to private investors. is been mention by various top tier media:-

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There are 100s of media coverage while serving the investor community for more than a decade. is a company which you can trust for your investments.



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